Free events in Vancouver

As a burgeoning city, Vancouver has a lot to offer to all its citizens as well as visitors. It is also regarded as one of the top cities in the world in terms and tourist visits. People from all over the world come to this stunning Canadian coastline in British Columbia and visit famous clubs and gambling houses. Nowadays, it is much easier to drop in online casino, than search a gambling hall on the streets of Vancouver. This city is also regarded as cultural and arts center of the state. This makes it home of some of the best free events in the country. These events highlight the Vancouver tourism and also make sure that a soft and positive image of the country is presented. Some of the best events offered to everyone free of charge are as follows:

Vancouver International Jazz Festival

It is the most renowned festival which takes place to make sure that the music lovers are brought closer to each other. There are many other festivals which are held here annually but this one surpasses all. The event is actually several groups of bands performing out of which many are free of listening. This makes this event a perfect place for international tourists as well. Another good point is that Vancouver International Jazz Festival is held throughout the city which makes it versatile. Anyone can join in and have fun free of cost.

Celebration of Light

Do you like pyrotechnics? If yes then this event is for you. The Vancouver beaches are full of joy spirit and zeal of the course of three nights. The event is absolutely free of charge and is held annually in late July to early August. The impressive displays of the best fireworks do not let anyone move. To get the best view it is advised to reach early at the spot. The crowds are generally massive and the experience can be ruined if the best seat is not chosen. An ambiance is tempting which makes everyone wait for this festival.

Celtic Fest

It is the biggest event which takes place each year in Canada and is associated with St Patrick Day Parade. The Celtic history which is thought to be 5000 years old is completely highlighted during this event. Point to be noted is that Celtic Fest itself is a non-profit organization which helps on preserving the remaining of the culture.  Almost 200,000 people each year participate in the event which makes it culturally diversified. Another great part is the media coverage which allows the organizers getting positive impressions from all over the world. Government, businesses, and volunteers keep this event alive and kicking.

Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival

It can be called as a complete package for families as well as tourists. From dance performances to music, everything is free to listen and watch. It is regarded as the second biggest festival in Canada with over 150,000 people visiting and enjoying annually. 5500 athletes perform and increase the fun and entertainment level. False Creek and Creek Park are the important destinations which are associated with this event. Diversity and inclusiveness are the main factors promoted. All performances which have a positive impact on the community are highly welcomed.