A close look at the Toronto Jazz Festival 2018

The Toronto Jazz Festival 2018 just concluded a few days back with much fanfare and all the jazz you can handle. The jazz festival is one of the largest music festivals in Canada drawing a crowd of over 500,000 fans every year. You can indulge in different types of jazz music such as bop, fusion, straight-ahead, and avant-garde. The festival also features musicians of other genres like hip-hop, funk, R&B, blues, latin and more over 10 days at different venues spread over the downtown core of Toronto. There are over 40 venues some of which host free concerts while some are paid.

A look at the event

The Toronto Jazz Festival was started in 1987 and over the years attained the title of one of North America’s most prestigious and premier music events. The event is organized each year by the Canadian non-profit organization Toronto Downtown Jazz. The event was originally named the DuMaurier Jazz Festival but had to let go of the words ‘DuMaurier’ after the ban on tobacco advertisements by the federal government. Since then the event has been sponsored by TD Bank and know as TD Toronto Jazz Festival.

In fact, Jazz Festival in Canda is popular than ever. Just this last weekend through Canada Day, Vancouver saw one of the best International Jazz Festival too, near Yaletown.

Who attended the event?

The event is heavily attended by different jazz celebrities along with 1,500 musicians who perform at various venues. Over the years the festival has provided stages to over 33,000 artists out of whom 85% are Canadians. It has established itself as a destination event for its outstanding production standards and artistic excellence. A total of 11 million people have visited the festival in the last 30 years which also organized 3,200 free public music events.

In 2018 many venues in Yorkville gave a chance to the fans to catch live music concerts for free. The Church of The Redeemer on Bloor Street West hosted concerts by Joseph Shabason “Aytche,” Guillaume Perret and Grex and Tryal.

At the Heliconian Hall in Hazelton Avenue, popular artists such as Gorilla Mask, Les Malcommodes & Sonia Johnson, Francois Bourassa Quartet and Otterville played for free attracting many fans. The Proof Vodka Bar at Intercontinental Toronto Yorkville Hotel in Bloor Street West saw musicians like Mill Street jamming with Lauren Falls Trio and Brandi Disterheft Trio absolutely for free.

Where did it all happen?

The ticketed events were held at venues such as Don Mills Public Library, Elgin Theatre, The Rex Jazz & Blues Bar and Phoenix Concert Theatre. The Toronto Jazz Festival is made possible also with the help of around 470 volunteers who work day and night. The volunteers are not paid for their work but get to listen to some of the most amazing musicians in history. Della Beal, who has been volunteering in the festival for last 27 years, feels great to be back every year. She said that they have made lifelong friends at the festival and can’t think of not attending the festival!

Where should you go with Free Canada Parks Pass?

Many programs and events have been arranged or are on the line in the coming year to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary. If you are someone who wants to get a chance to celebrate for free, then there is good news for you. More so, if you are a nature lover!

Unless you haven’t seen or read the news, now you have a chance to get free admission to all national parks, national historic places and national marine conservation regions managed by Parks Canada. The agency has introduced the 2017 Parks Canada Discovery Pass which can be availed completely for free (you have to pay $136.40 at other times) and gives you access to all the above-mentioned facilities for the whole year.

What is Free in the 2017 Parks Canada Discovery Pass?

All the 148 national parks, marine conservation regions, and historic places can be visited for free with the pass. All places under Parks Canada from coast to coast are free to visit till 31 December 2017. Tourists from the remote reaches of the planet come to Canada to enjoy the incredible beauty of nature and of course, some of them want to visit famous gambling houses. Today entertainment activities for game lovers became even more available. You don’t need to spend your time looking for gambling establishment ‒ just drop in Valley Games web advisor and you will definitely find the best online casino to your liking.

What you have to pay for is any other activity or service that does not come complimentary with admission fees like guided tours, reservation fees, hikes and trek programs, camping, accommodations and so on.

A single Discovery pass is sufficient for the whole family and a total of four such passes will be available per order.

Where can you get your Parks Canada Pass?

You can apply for the pass online if you are still to plan your visit. The passes are also available at many physical locations including Parks Canada offices, CIBC branches, MEC stores and multiple places all over the country.

You need to be present physically to collect the passes.

Where should you go with the Discovery Pass?

All the sites under Parks Canada are open to you and you can plan a trip anytime you want. There are so many parks that it might be a bit confusing to choose one of them. So here we will disclose a few parks which you are worth a visit.

1.Banff National Park, Alta

You can see the young calves of the 16 bisons who were introduced in February. There is also plan to construct a 10-km walking trail around Banff National Park within September.

2. Pukaskwa National Park, Ontario

Enjoy the 24-kilometer trail following the Lake Superior and then embark 60 kilometers on the amazing Trans Canada Trail.

3. Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, B.C.

The springs and streams destroyed by the earthquake have been restored with two pools built to collect the hot water. There is also a bathhouse to wash before getting in the pools.

4. Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, B.C.

You can go on the trek on the West Coast Trail for seven days and visit the renovated Kwisitis Visitor Centre at the end of it.

Explore nature the right way – there is just so much that Canada offers! All you need to do is to pack your bags and start off!

Chargeless affairs in Toronto

When it comes to tourism Canada is one of the countries of the world. And if the event is free then it can double the delight of the tourists. There are many events within Canada which are free to attend and therefore attract a large audience group. There are events which are known just for the same reason i.e. free. Free events in Canada do not mean that the event is substandard or the attendees get bored. It means that a certain point needs to be highlighted. It could be music, social issue worldwide and the list goes on. Free events are the best way to attract the audience and get them together for a special cause. Some of the free events in Canada are as follows:

Downside Food in the Park

Downview Park 70 Canuck Avenue North York Toronto

Who does not like free food? Well everyone does so this event has been specially designed so that free food along with a factor of care is provided. Pollution is a problem for Canada like it is in every other country of the world. If the issue is not curbed it can have excruciating effects. With this free event, the participants get to know the importance of nature. To preserve nature from hard solid waste is the main aim of this event. It is absolutely free and there are no tickets whatsoever.

Summer Music in the Park

Bellair St. and Cumberland St. Toronto

Everyone likes music as it is not a hidden fact. The good part about this event is that it is exclusive to tourists. A combination of different music types will definitely make the feet tap. This event also creates awareness about Canadian tourism and Toronto in particular. There are many rock and jazz bands that play here. Notable names include Gyles, Attila Fias, and David Leask. Summer Music in the Park is held annually and is attended by a healthy number of the audience making it successful every time. As a music lover, everyone is invited.

City Cinema Presented by NOW

Yonge-Dundas Square 1 Dundas Street East Toronto

The best part again is that this cinema is free for everyone irrespective of their ages. The other best part is that the cinema always features movies based on audience choice. Best Canadian talent can be watched working in feature films which are a great way for everyone to know more about the industry. The main theme is based in glorifying the talent which is absolutely awesome. For any movie lover, this is surely the best event.

Read and Move

Kidnetix 100 Bridgeland Avenue Toronto

For kids and family members, this is the best free program Toronto has to offer. It not only allows the children to interact with others but also lets parents do the same. It features multiple games and shows for kids aging 0 – 6. It is a fun filled activity where the parents also get to know how they can care and keep their child safe. Interaction will other parents is also a plus point of this free event.

Free events in Vancouver

As a burgeoning city, Vancouver has a lot to offer to all its citizens as well as visitors. It is also regarded as one of the top cities in the world in terms and tourist visits. People from all over the world come to this stunning Canadian coastline in British Columbia and visit famous clubs and gambling houses. Nowadays, it is much easier to drop in online casino, than search a gambling hall on the streets of Vancouver. This city is also regarded as cultural and arts center of the state. This makes it home of some of the best free events in the country. These events highlight the Vancouver tourism and also make sure that a soft and positive image of the country is presented. Some of the best events offered to everyone free of charge are as follows:

Vancouver International Jazz Festival

It is the most renowned festival which takes place to make sure that the music lovers are brought closer to each other. There are many other festivals which are held here annually but this one surpasses all. The event is actually several groups of bands performing out of which many are free of listening. This makes this event a perfect place for international tourists as well. Another good point is that Vancouver International Jazz Festival is held throughout the city which makes it versatile. Anyone can join in and have fun free of cost.

Celebration of Light

Do you like pyrotechnics? If yes then this event is for you. The Vancouver beaches are full of joy spirit and zeal of the course of three nights. The event is absolutely free of charge and is held annually in late July to early August. The impressive displays of the best fireworks do not let anyone move. To get the best view it is advised to reach early at the spot. The crowds are generally massive and the experience can be ruined if the best seat is not chosen. An ambiance is tempting which makes everyone wait for this festival.

Celtic Fest

It is the biggest event which takes place each year in Canada and is associated with St Patrick Day Parade. The Celtic history which is thought to be 5000 years old is completely highlighted during this event. Point to be noted is that Celtic Fest itself is a non-profit organization which helps on preserving the remaining of the culture.  Almost 200,000 people each year participate in the event which makes it culturally diversified. Another great part is the media coverage which allows the organizers getting positive impressions from all over the world. Government, businesses, and volunteers keep this event alive and kicking.

Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival

It can be called as a complete package for families as well as tourists. From dance performances to music, everything is free to listen and watch. It is regarded as the second biggest festival in Canada with over 150,000 people visiting and enjoying annually. 5500 athletes perform and increase the fun and entertainment level. False Creek and Creek Park are the important destinations which are associated with this event. Diversity and inclusiveness are the main factors promoted. All performances which have a positive impact on the community are highly welcomed.

Interesting Freebies in Canada

The Prime Minister of Canada once said that the cultural diversity is the strength of the country and the Canadian believe in it. World wars and increasing number of immigrants from all over the world have made this country a place worth living for everyone. According to the stats which are published by Canadian immigration authorities, people from over 160+ countries reside here. It makes Canada one of the most versatile nations of the world. There are many events and gatherings organized keeping this fact in view. On top of it, these are free to join and enjoy. Some of the best free events which are organized all over Canada are featured below:

Taste of Lawrence

Wexford Heights, Toronto

It is one of the festivals which are highly regarded. The main reason is that any of the master chefs from Canada visit this event every year. It is not only organized for intercultural diversity but the arrangements are also top notch. Not only the Canadians but the people from all over the world visit this free event to take an active part. The most enticing thing about the event is that all the participants are street vendors. This also boosts the street culture of the country and presents the best talent.

Bison Festival

Elk Island National Park, 1 – 54401 Range Road 203 Fort Saskatchewan

Elk Island National Park is the best location which anyone could imagine for such a festival. There are literally hundreds of things to do. This festival attracts a large number of visitors from all over Canada. The fun is unlimited and there is something for every age group. From cuisine to rocky terrain this national park is the best in Canada. The festival is celebrated to mark the purchase of Bison from Montana as well as the addition of the Elk Island National Park. This event is free and being celebrated since the beginning of 20th century.

Annual Scarborough Afro-Carib Fest

Albert Campbell Square 150 Borough Drive Scarborough

For food lovers, this is the best which is offered at Scarborough. Every Canadian cuisine type is included in this fest. It is a multidimensional organization which brings everyone together. Here live musical performances and fashion shows can also be enjoyed. It is basically a family fest which is organized by local organizations and the government. Afro-Caribbean culture is glorified in the best manner. The attendance is increasing with every passing year which shows that the people are interested. Live arts and cultural dance moves can also be enjoyed.

Mosaic Canada 150

Jacques Cartier Park Laurier Street Gatineau QC

Canada has a very rich tradition and one who wants to see it can visit Mosaic Canada 150. It is an event which highlights the achievements of Canadians and their place in the world. Mosaic Canada is a non-profit organization that works each year to organize this event. Here the main theme is to reconcile with the indigenous people and spread the word of love. It can be regarded as the most culturally rich events that are absolutely free to enjoy.